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Staffordshire Regimental Association                      Fishing Club

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The club is a laid back social group that enjoy participating in the sport of Angling with fellow veterans from the past. The club encourages family member participation and in some cases membership for loved ones. We have a healthy mixture of social and competition events around the county and have become well known as a club with benefits and discounts at some venues and tackle shops.


Frequency of activity: A minimum of 2 fishing events per month during the fishing season, which includes a 4 x Memorial / Prize Cup events. One Family Day per year and one prize giving / AGM per year.

The annual membership fee is nominal. (Pay if you can).

The events are a mix of bookings with a fee for competition "match" fishing and friendly. Again the friendly is paid as a peg fee (if you can). Some are free, club paid and some are sponsored / paid for. Help can be given for new starters. Some equipment can be loaned for use. 


The Club is open to any veteran. Close family members are encouraged to participate with the full member. 

Facebook Page: Staffordshire Regimental Association Fishing Club



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