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 Running Club 

 St Chad's Golf 

This group is for us all to pass on training tips etc and also join up for the occasional marathon

1 Staffords Veterans Rambling Club is about having fun and catching up with some good old friends. All families, friends, associates, pets and children are welcome to come along and enjoy 2 monthly walks. The 2 monthly walks will be posted in advance giving details of the route, the difficulty and the coordinating instructions to allow you to decide if you wish to come along. Please help to make the group a success as I'm sure you will agree, this is only a good thing

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The Staffordshire Regimental Angling Club is a group activity club for Serving Soldiers, Veterans and Affiliates.

 Rambling Club 

 Cycling Club 

 Subaqua Diving Club 

 Fishing Club 

Lichield AFVBC


A Great Breakfast, To meet Old Friends & New Ones, Great Banter, Reminisce About Your Good, & Not So Good Memories & Experiences,

I am a member of Newcastle Staffs Sub Aqua Club and I am an open water Instructor so I teach on a regular basis. I find it very 

therapeutic being under water. 


Anyone can take part in ' try Dives' to see if they like the sport. if you  would like a dive I am sure I can sort something out for you. 


I will be looking at doing a mental health first aid course and a Diving for all Instructor course in the near future. 


Gino Pulizzi

Mobile: 07952910186


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